Wednesday, July 28, 2010

for the love of liberty

My little package of liberty fabrics has arrived! I've fallen in love with their designs all over again and look forward to using them in ways that are not quite so Laura Ashley 1980's......
Those little "screams" to the right will really deserve some special place, don't you think? They are almost subversive.

The online service from Calico & Ivy is fabulous. Their range of designs is extensive (making it very hard to choose) and they express post.

Mmmm, some will definitely be binding those French smocks I'm dying to make - when I finish some of the other projects ;) x


  1. Those mini screams are hillarious. I wouldn't have actually realised if you didn't point it out (I clicked on it for a close up). I could see it in the close up. The message thing is a great idea! Was mine just 'hello'? 'Cos it hasn't appeared in my inbox yet.
    The smocks are going to look a treat in that fabric:)

  2. I love the screams too -would make a good neck tie choker...