Thursday, May 24, 2012

a little progress

I've been slogging away at the final round of assignments for my teaching units. It never really seems to get any easier......I just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to add study to my list along with work, home duties and the needs the of the kidlets (not to mention the bus service that I seem to run after school!)

Anyhow, that's quite enough complaining. I've made a bit of progress on the Agnes and I have a lovely little book to read and dream about all the other projects I'm going to make when I have some more of the above mentioned time.  This little book by Mel Clark is a real cutie. You can catch some more pictures and info over at her blog.

I am desperate to make this card and I have just the wool in my stash.....

Thinking that these could be very cute on the teenager. Maybe I'm just blinded by the wallpaper in the background. I had exactly the same Sanderson print made into a gelaskin cover for my i-phone.

This reminds me of the little one. However, I think I'd better finish off her Foxy friend before I start on this fellow.

Well, I'd better stop procrastinating and stick my head back into the books. If you feel like a cup of tea or coffee and a delicious treat to go with it, head on over to Greer's. She's hosting an amazing bloggy morning tea with all donations going to cancer research. Quite a feast for the eyes and guaranteed to make the taste buds drool.

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  1. I was just last night eyeing off that cardi - this book might be on its way to my shopping list.

    Thanks also for the donation and BMT plug. It's been a fun (exhausting) week xx