Thursday, May 10, 2012

Postlady love

I had an early mother's day gift when this arrived in the mail today. So beautifully wrapped in it's brown paper bags with a little thank you card inside. Still, would you expect anything less from a company with a website as beautiful as this ?

We had a real burst of cold weather a couple of weeks ago, which coupled with the central heating controller going awol, had me a bit panicked. I thought we'd never make it through the winter and the woolly jumpers were either too small or had seen better days. A trawl through ravelry provided the answer.  Unable to decide, I totally splurged on one ....

for her

...and one for me.....

They are meant to be very quick to knit, so perhaps once the final exam is over (so soon!!), I can sit and knit all day long. So back in the box and into the cupboard for the time being.   
So nice to have this to look forward to. 

(btw, we have a new control pad for the heating :)

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  1. Ooh...very nice. I have a gift voucher to spend at Quince & Co. Still can't decide...