Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Amidst a week of activity; school netball grand finals, work and play, I decided to alter the bedroom curtains. I initially made ground sweeping beauties from Ikea Aina linen panels, unpicked and sewn with a hand pleated heading and a border of Designers Guild fabric that I had carried around for over 10 years. Finally, as I was about to pass this fabric on, I realised it was a perfect for our bedroom. The beautiful cobalt blue giving the donkey coloured walls that little touch of excitement. The two linens met remarkably well and all was happy.

Unfortunately, we somehow managed to trip over the folds and an inconveniently placed heating vent was cause for a fire hazard. So, I decided they needed to be raised. Like so many great ideas, the execution takes so much longer than the thought.....
The panels have been removed, (unpicking taking ages!), the curtains shortened and now they have to be re-attached with the trim on top. So close to the end. It will be worth it!

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  1. That fabric is beautiful! I love linen. and that trim is gorgeous. It's gonna look great!:)