Wednesday, September 8, 2010

spring, baby

Where have the last 2 weeks gone? The needs of children have seemed to take all my spare time. It's not a resentment on my behalf, more just an acknowledgement that sometimes you just have to down tools and be there for them. Especially when they are going through some personal struggles. Growing up isn't any easier for them it seems, than it was for me. Same issues.

To top that little chapter of life off, I have inched closer to some sort of maturity myself. Another birthday celebrated on Saturday. Yes, I am a true Spring baby. Spring sends me dizzy with excitement. Warm breezes and little wonders of the garden popping up out of hibernation every day. Less layers of clothes. More daylight. Energy.

I woke up to the rain and lay in bed looking at gentle light and mist. Beautiful girls clambered onto my bed in excitement to watch me unwrap presents. So much thought and care went into their choices. Thank you my love for the beautiful gift of so many stories that I can carry everywhere in my Kindle. I will never be without a book. Bliss.

Coffee and cake at Sturt Cafe and a trip past this tree to the gallery, to look at the work of talented artisans. I walked out again with a beautiful necklace to remember the day. I couldn't have found such a perfect piece had I been looking for it.

I am very thankful to be right here, right now.

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